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In my book there are lots of themes. themes are like emotions, emotions are like happy and sad.

In my book Ever Lost, Nick had to leave the ship that the McGill trapped them on after the hunter cought Nick and Allie. Nick had to sneak off the ship without any one knowing, so he had to jump onto one of the other boats that were leaving. he was hidng underneeth the blankets that allie put in there. nick was very very scared he thought he was going to get cought. Nick made Allie feel very bad about not doing anything about getting off of the ship, because her plan took to long. Allie was pretty mad for a while but she got over it because her brothers plan seemed toworkso far.     ( The reason the McGill was capturing the afterlights was because he read a fortune cookie and it said “A Brave Man’s Life Is Worth A Thousand Cowardly Souls” and he new what it ment since the first time he read it. Allie wrote a fortune to put in a fortune cookie and it said “Your Victory Waits At The Peirs Of Defeat
Allie was hiding in a living girls body and she ws scared bcause she will have to come out and then the McGill would find her.
There was a llot of emotion in my book but a lot of it was the same but i think lots of emotion makes a book better!


EverLost #3

I think good writing is when the author gives a little bite of discription all through the book. I dont like it when the author puts a whole bunch of discription in the beginning and then there is nothing else through the rest of tthe book.

My book has a little bit of discription all through the book, but not much. my book is acctually very boring and very wierd. there is a monster in the book that uses the EverLost children as slaves. and all of the other children are scared of him because he sends out a slave to capture more children, and there are charectors in the book  that i dont like but i think that the author does it on purpose so you will like the other charectors better and will like to read it.

EverLost #2

the characters in this book were not discribed very well it sort of tells more about wha they are like then what they look like. I think authors put characters in books that we like and dont like to get us connected to the book and get into the book more. the characters in my book are very interesting but hard to figure out. They are hard to figure out because it only says a little about them every once in a while, so you have to keep reading to find out more.

There isn’t that much conflict in my book. I think the only conflict in my book is when Leaf accidentally says that there are other people that pass though the forest, he didn’t want ten to know because he didn’t what them to leave.

Conflict is when something happends like; people vs. people, people vs. nature, people vs. society, and people vs. themselfs.

there is sort of a new character in my book but not really a new character, in the book she wrote all of the books bout he life in everlost, and what you have to do to stay safe. her name is Mary Hightower…

the beginning of this book is pretty interesting, I think that beginnings are to get you interested in the book and to suck you into the book to keep reading it.

Allie had taken off her seat belt to adjust her blouse, an nick was sitting in the middle of Allie and Alexandra. The black Mercedes was meant for four people but there were five of them, so Nick didn’t have a seat belt. While Nick was trying to eat a chocolate bar that was sitting in his pocket most of the day Allie and Alexandra kept nudging him because the car was so packed, so he had chocolate all over his face.

There was a small piece of sharp metal on the road, they couldn’t swerve around it because there was another vehicle coming the other way. The White Toyota crashed into the black Mercedes; Nick and Allie when through the windsheald. Allie thought it was like floughting through a tunnel whilt she was dieing, but she could see a light and it was getting bigger and brighter as she got closer. Allie and Nick don’t get all the way to the light, they stoped sort of in the middle. Once allie and Nick are out of the tunnle they meet another person in Everlost. The other person that the meet in Everlost didn’t have a name because anything that you forget got lost and you will never remember it. Allie named him Leaf because she met him in the woods. Allie and Nick wan’t to go back home even if they are dead. but the thing is they aren’t dead, they are actually they are sky-lights, so they glow.

Dirty drinking water is much more then a puddle with dirt in it, it’s more then a streem covered with logs and filled with oil! Dirty drinking water is the treated water we drink, even though it is treated doesn’t meen it is healthy. If people didnt pollute and through there garbage on in the water and on the growned it would be easier for the water treatment plants to clean the water. (the less pollution in the water the easier it is to clean the water)  pollution makes people sick and even killes people if it is bad enough and most of the time is it bad enough to kill people. Pollution killes people, animals, and plants, it killes anything that lives.
You know when you go fishing in the lake, and the water might be polluted, well if it is and you eat that fish that you caught, you will be eating the pollution that was in the water because the fish was in the water and drinking that water. But to me “I hate fish, I will not eat it and I never will!”   That is the same with all animals, if say a cow is drinking really dirty and polluted water and you eat, lets say a hamberger from that same cow you will be eating that water pollution even if the mean was cleaned, that is the same with most meat for me “Most meat i will not eat because I know were it comes from and not because of the water pollution because they are animals” ” I wont eat any thing from a cow, a pig, or any wild animals, pretty much the only meat that I’ll eat is chicken…”  Anyway about the pollution in water and the animals eating it, and you eat meat from that animal you will have the water pollution too. Yes, yes, I know it is very gross!!!
((please though if you do like meat dont stop eating it because of this post, im just telling what “can” happen!!!!!!!!))


Water pollution and dirty drinking water is a very large health violation all around the world.

Water pollution is a very large health violation in our country. Pollution is not good for the environment. Water pollution kills animals (wild life) and it also kills humans because the pollution is usually in our drinking water. Every time you have a sip if water from a sink you will always be drinking pollution! “Yes I know, it is very gross”… Even treaded water plants cant get all of the pollution out, because most pollution you cant see, you can’t taste it either.
Over half a million people are dying each year all over the world, but it is mostly North America. We need to stop polluting our earth… Even when we burn our trash at a dump, it pollutes the water and the air(and also kill living beings), because all the chemicals in the trash that we burn goes into the air, and all the chemicals that are too heavy to get picked up by air stays on the ground and when it rains the water drains into a river or lake, and the plant and animals drink it…

Water pollution is over half of what makes our water dirty and makes us sick. Dirty drinking water can kill you if it has other germs and pollutants in it. If an animal (that is pregnant) drinks water with lots of chemicals in it, it can make the baby animals disabled to eat, walk or anything else, it can deform the baby animals, it can even kill them at birth, also with humans…

School. XD

In school we have gone through a lot of things, we are still working on stuff from Rome (We just finished our Roman Stories)!! we are working on networks in math,and finished our French sentence!! We just finished off with our rivers, we used diatomanceous earth, we put blue food colouring in a bottle with water and a spout on near the bottom. we set the tub with the diatomanceous earth on a certain slope and put the  spout at a certain flow rate to see what the river will look like in 5 minutes, we drew what it looked like and we had to label it. we read for about a half an hour every day now.

Torie Paige.. XD

Norwegian Elkhounds :)

The first Norwegian Elkhound was discovered in Norway! The first Norwegian Elkhound was presented at a dog exibite in Norway.A Norwegain Elkhound was served as a hunter, guardian, herder, and defender. A Norwegian Elkhound is a Spits-type breed, so only the dogs raised (for years) in subzero temperatures can survive through winter as long as a Norwgeain Elkhound. A Norwegain Elkhound can survive outside all winter long, that is why people use them for snow dogs. People use a significant number of Norwegian Elkhounds to track and hunt moose and other large animals. The goal for a Norwegian Elkhound is to independently track down and hold the moose at bay, ( keep the moose in place).

A female Norwegian Elkhound stands to about 18-20 (inches) a male Norwegian Elkhound stands to about 20-23 (inches) up to there shoulders. A female can weigh up to about 45-50 pounds and a male can weigh up to about 50-60 pounds. There life span is from 12-16 years. There coat is black with a white under coat, most of there fur is Silver. they have a black muzzle, there ears are black and the tip of the tail is also black. There eyes are brown. There fur is actually white with black tips. The tail is tightly curled against its back.

The name “Norwegian Elkhound“ is direct translation from its original Norwegian name “Norsk Elghund“ meaning “Norwegian Moose Dog.“

(European settlers Mistakenly called the North American cousin of the red deer an elk, when in fact in the Norwegian languege, the term elk or elg means moose.)
Despite its name in America, it is not a hound dog; an Elkhound does not hunt like a hound dog! A Norwegian Elkhound is not directly related to hounds.

Norwegian Elkhounds can be challenging to train because of their intelligence and deep independent streak, but they are acceptable obedience dogs, good-natured, and very understandable in their learning and training.


The purebred Norwegian Elkhound puppies are born black and change colour as they grow. The puppies ears are not pricked up at birth, but they will be after a while.

The tree pictures posted below are how they look as they grow, they start out black then they start getting a little bit of gray-silver, then they start getting there original colours like how they will be once they are fully grown. Most of them are gray-silver and black, some have a little brown but not much. You can get a brown Purebred Norwegian Elkhound but they can not be put in a dog show, because Norwegian Elkhounds were bred gray-silver and black, a brown Norwegian Elkhound would be disqualified immediately! The last picture is my puppy her name is Loki, she is just over 5 months now. The picture is about 2 weeks after we got her!!



While we were at school for the past 19 days, we have been doing a lot of stuff. We have done things about Egypt in Social Studies, we have been doing a lot in math like GST and PST, we are just starting on Ratios.We have done differences and similarities, and personalaties in ELA! On Wednesday half of the class gets to cook in home ec. and the other half gets to cook on friday,  but while one half of the class is cooking the other half  has to do textbook work.Well that is about it!!!!

First 8 Days:)

My first 8 days in Mr.Fishers class was fun… I learned how to use igoogle, and how to use wordpress. We have already started playing volley-ball. We have been doing math and s.s.